(Order Isopoda)

Found in damp areas in soil and around buildings, they are a closer relation to prawns and crabs than insects. Woodlice are more of a nuisance pest than anything else. Harmless to man, pest control treatment not necessary unless overbearing.


Woodlice are a grey or brown creature with an armour type body. They are 4-17mm long, with a slate-like body and segmented antennae.


Depending on what species of Order Isopoda, females could have as little as 5 or as many 200 young. The female carries the eggs in a brood pouch close to her abdomen. It might from 40 - 90 days for the young to reach maturity, and then as an adult could up to another 2 years before they are capable of breeding. 


Adults and young will feed on plant matter. Woodlice are herbivorous and will feed on the decaying plant matter, fruits,berries, and leaves that can be found in gardens, park, and forest floors.


Woodlice are nocturnal so you may only see them at night. Under floorboards within the walls of your home in the damp areas is where they are most likely to be. In gardens, they can be found under leaves, rocks or pieces of wood, bark.


There are over 30 species of woodlice found  outdoors in the UK

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(Order isopoda)

The order Isopoda has more than 10,000 known species in the world.

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