(Rattus norvegicus)

The Norway Rat named this because they were thought to have travelled from the east on Norwegian timber ships. Considered to be omnivorous, they must drink water daily.

3 - 8 Litters per year

5 - 8 Young per litter

The gestation period of about 21 days

Maturity within 2 - 3 months

The average life span of 9 - 12 months

Norway Rat


Brown to grey back with a lighter underbelly

Weighing 350 - 500g



Rats will eat a lot of whatever they can get, but will normally eat seeds, grain, fruit, nuts, veg etc, but can and will eat smaller animals and insects if hungry and willing to hunt.


Rats may take harbourage within your walls under, decking in gardens, burrow under property, basements, lofts.

Rats are neophobic

(The fear of new or unfamiliar objects)

Rats are social animals

Rats can gnaw through wood or plastic

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Norway Rat

(Rattus norvegicus)

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