(Plodia Interpunctella)

The Oriental cockroach both male and female are very dark brown almost black. Sometimes called water bugs, they can be found living in moist high humidity areas such as boiler rooms, basements ceiling voids and can be found under manhole covers, flat roofs, and drains.​

Indian-Meal Moth


The Indian meal moth and its larvae can be very destructive to farms, food store places, they will eat on grain, dried fruits and varied processed food products.


  • Can lay up to 100-300 eggs after mating

  • Larvae hatch between 2 - 14 days

  • Average life span of 30- 300  days


Meal moths will eat bread, cereals, fruit, grain, pet food such as bird seeds and other food products you may have in your home. 


Anywhere you store foods is a potential spot for meal moths, with the larvae capable of biting through cardboard and even plastic.

The moths flying around may be the first signs of an infestation

Larvae have been found in the tightest sealed containers

Inspect and remove any contaminated foods straight away

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Indian-Meal Moth

(Plodia Interpunctella)

Inidian-meal moths are found throuthout the world

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