(Larus argentatus)

Herring gulls are found throughout the UK. 

Herring Gull


White body with silver-grey wings and yellow bill

Weighing 690-1440g

55-65 cm long


1 brood per year

2 -3 Eggs per Brood

30 days incubation period


Herring gulls will eat a wide variety of foods, from small birds and they eggs, to what they can find on landfill sites and rubbish dumps


Herring gulls can always be found by the seaside, but are just as comfortably in cities roosting on rooftops of homes and commercial premises

Can often be seen scavenging around human inhabitated areas

Herring gulls plumage will vary by season and age

Herring gull is the most common seaside gull you will see

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Herring Gull

(Larus argentatus)

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