(Ctenocephalides spp.)

Fleas are a nuisance to both man and animal, and in some parts of the world, it is still thought that they can transmit bubonic plague from rats to humans. Fleas can sometimes carry on undetected, their bites being mistaken for bed bug or mosquito bites. 

Cat Flea


  • Shiny red or brown in colour

  • Large back legs for jumping

  • Very thin almost flat body

  • 2-3mm long


  • Eggs laid on host or bedding

  • 3-8 eggs laid after every blood meal

  • Larvae can survive in carpets or bedding

  • Larvae feed on Adult excrement and organic debris


Fleas will feed on their host, your pets or you, and will lay between 4-8 eggs after every blood meal.


Flea larvae thrive in carpets, under floorboards in pet bedding.

Fleas can lay dormant when the pupae stage is complete and not emerge until a host is available.

The Flea is an ectoparasite  (they feed off a living organism)

Flea under a microscope

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Cat Flea

(Ctenocephalides spp.)

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