Filter fly or Drain fly are usually found breeding where rotten organic material can be found. More of a nuisance fly than anything. Most likely to start seeing them coming from bathroom/kitchen sinks.

Filter  Fly


  • Grey/brownish in colour

  • Scales on the wings make them moth-like in appearance


  • Eggs laid in rotten organic material

  • Larvae hatch within 48 hours

  • Pupation in days

  • The average life span of 2-5 days


Filter fly will feed on organic rotten food in drains and pipes


Filter will live in and around drain pipes, the overflow

There will usually be a problem with the drain system, blockage etc

Filter fly are moth-like in appearance

An adult Filter fly will live for around 2 weeks

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Filter Fly


Filter fly is more of a nuisance pest than anything else

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