(Columbia livia var)

Found throughout the UK and the world, the feral pigeon is descended from the rock dove which explains why they nest on buildings ledges, bridges etc.

There are capable of breeding all year round with peak season between April and August.

Feral Pigeon


  • Blue greys, reds blacks.

  • Weighing 250 - 550g


  • 3 - 8 broods per year

  • 2 eggs per brood

  • incubation 16 - 20 days

  • Maturity within 2 - 3 months


Feral pigeons will mainly feed on seeds and foods from human refuse, discarded foods.


Found roosting on ledges in abandoned buildings, and under bridges, the feral pigeon will often nest in buildings by finding small entry points

Under bridges, wall edges, gaps within brickwork provide a substitue for their naturally cliff surroundings

Pigeons will rarely leave their local areas

Breeding pairs mate for life

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Feral Pigeon

(Columbia livia var)

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