(Polistes dominula)

The European paper wasp unlike the Common wasp, are unlikely to disturb your picnic, going for your sandwiches or fizzy drinks. They prefer insects and only likely to sting when attacked

Images by Patrizia Tagliatti

European Paper Wasp


  • Black and yellow abdomen, black and yellow thorax and head

  • Adult workers are around 2 cm Long


  • Queen lays eggs

  • The eggs hatch, Larvae stage started

  • Workers feed larvae with live paralysed insects

  • Larvae go into the pupae stage

  • Adults emerge


Paper wasps feed on fruit, nectar from flowers and insects, mostly caterpillars


The Paper wasp can be found in grasslands or forest, Paper wasp will build its nests in hollow trees, bushes and wall cavities

Nest are made from wood pulp

Eggs are laid by the queens and subordinate females

Considered an important garden pest controller 

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European Paper Wasp

(Polistes dominula)

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