Bed Bug
(Cimex lectularis)


Adult bedbugs are a reddish-brown insect that is flat' usually found on bed frames, headboards, skirting boards and around mattresses. They feed on their host's blood and are active from evening to night time. Attracted by the host's body heat, they inject saliva that delays the swelling and itching when feeding.
They can also lay dormant for up to a year without feeding.


Reddish Brown
Between 3-5mm in the adult stage


White oval eggs around 1mm long
Between 200-500 eggs
5-18 days to hatch


Bed bugs feed on the blood of their host. This will most likely be humans in the case of Cimex lextularius


Will live close to their host, on your bed frame, around mattresses, bedroom furniture, cracks in skirting boards.

Reasons for control

Identify and confirm that you have bed bugs

Detecting an infestation

Identify and confirm that you have bed bugs

Start to remove all the bed linen, sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover etc. You want to place these into a black bag for washing. This should be done to prevent any bed bugs in the linen dropping off somewhere else in the house and creating another infestation. Inspect the mattress whilst removing it, especially if it has those little buttons on them.

Now depending on what type of bed you have, for instance, if you have wooden slacks, you should be checking in around all the gaps and crevices of the slacks for evidence of bedbugs. If you have a divan style bed then you be searching in the corners and down the sides of the film underneath. We would go as far opening it up and inspect the wooden supports inside for signs of bedbugs.

No part of the bed is left out, the wheels, the headboards, and all gaps and crevices where bolts, screws are attached.

Know your options

Do It Yourself
Let us not play around, doing it yourself is not always easy. But it can be cost-effective even if you end up hiring someone else to complete the job. If you are coming downstairs every morning to a fresh batch of droppings in the kitchen but have no idea where they come from, it could be a long while before you get rid of them. Identification is important, what to look for and to react quickly will greatly benefit you in the long term.

Pest Control Company

In truth, most pest companies give a good image of themselves and do a good job. Like any industry, you will get your good companies and not so good. Like any trade, we would suggest someone who comes recommended. Failing that, you can search through our directory to find a registered pest control company. These will be licenced pest controllers that go by a standard of guidelines. You can find their address here and much more at our website:


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