Bird pests if not inspected and evaluated can cause problems down the line to health and property and can attract other pests to the area. When finding any pest big or small, it pays to do your research and know what you are dealing with

(Sturnus vulgaris)

The Starling is a very common bird in Britain. Found in parklands, garden

House Sparrow
(Passer domesticus)

A common sight in the UK. The House sparrow is an opportunist, gaining food, shelter and a variety of materials for nest building.

Herring Gull
(Larus argentatus)

Herring gulls have a reputation of stealing food at the seaside as well as being found around rubbish tips and large reservoirs

Feral Pigeon
(Columbia livia domestica)

Found throughout the UK and the world, the feral pigeon is descended from the rock dove

Black-Headed Gull
(Chroicocephalus ridibundus)

Black-headed gulls nest in colonies and both male and female look alike. Gathering in large groups, these birds are very noisy and sociable birds

Canadian Goose
(Branta canadensis)

Not native to the UK, the Canada goose is very much part of the furniture. They can often be seen in our parks by ponds, lakes, canal

Carrion Crow
(Corvus corone)

Found throughout the Uk, the Carrion crow is part of the crow family along with jackdaws, magpie's, ravens, and others




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