(Cimex lectularis)

Adult bedbugs are a reddish-brown insect that is flat' usually found on bed frames, headboards, skirting boards and around mattresses.

They feed on their host's blood and are active from evening to night time. Attracted by the host's body heat, they inject saliva that delays the swelling and itching when feeding.

They can also lay dormant for up to a year without feeding.

Bed Bug


Reddish Brown

Between 3-5mm in the adult stage


White oval eggs around 1mm long

Between 200-500 eggs

5-18 days to hatch


Bed bugs feed on the blood of their host. This will most likely be humans in the case of Cimex lextularius


Will live close to their host, on your bed frame, around mattresses, bedroom furniture, cracks in skirting boards.

Bedbugs are an ectoparasite,  meaning they feed off a living organism

Bed Bugs can fit into the tightest gaps

Bed Bugs go through an  incomplete metamorphosis

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Bed Bug

(Cimex lectarius)

Bedbugs can travel on your clothes in your bags or suitcase and can easily spread

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